Why Kayne's appetite for Yeezy's will never stop

Why Kayne's appetite for Yeezy's will never stop

Recently Kanye West has been showing off brand new designs from the Yeezy Shoe collection. It started when he moved away from the yeezy 700 v2 design and brought out the Yeezy 700 MNVN Series. They come in colours such as Black, Orange, Phosphor and Bone and were all well received by the community.

The next release, which was in high demand, was the Yeezy 700 v3 that had a silhouette of an exoskeleton shell keeping the shape of the shoe intact. The first release was the Azael which was then followed by the Alvah, a dark black shade. The next shoe was the Azareth, a blue colour with white highlights on the sole unit. The latest one of this model to be released was the Yeezy 700 v3 Clay Brown, which has a black skeleton with brown tints entwined in the mesh of the material. All releases have introduced a new colour into the scene with many new outfits laying in the colour pallet that Zagger offers in store.

The latest release included the Yeezy 450 in the Cloud White colourway. This was first seen by Kanye himself back in 2018 but, it has had multiple changes made to the design and also the number, with the original name being Yeezy 451. These changes were updated when the shoe was dropped on March 6th 2021. This is the first of this model to be delivered to the public, the dark slate is to be released later on this year riding off the hype of the addition of this model to the Yeezy line up. Zagger stocks this new shoe in certain sizes, but any size can be sourced upon your request.

Kanye has also recently decided to rerelease previous colourways, most notably the Yeezy 350 Zebra and the Yeezy 350 Black and Red (Bred). This allowed a lot of individuals to get their hands on these shoes that are regarded as ‘grails’. However, many who held these colours felt the exclusivity of them has been tarnished, and others beg that restocks are limited like the restock of the Yeezy 350 Static Black’s from the Black friday restock in 2019 where pairs were lightly spread to customers. 

Back in 2009 Kanye debuted Yeezy with Nike where he produced the Yeezy 2 with colours including Red October, Platinum and Solar Red. These are some of the most sought after models to date as very few pairs are on the market but Zagger Fashion Group will still be able to source you a pair with a deposit, so don’t hesitate to call us about your enquiries. 

Zagger will always stock 1 pair of each model released and upon request we can get that item in your size after you are able to size check with other colourways that we have. 

Zagger is open on a click and collect basis and will be back open again on the 12th April where there will be sales on outerwear. The Spring Summer stock will also be showcased to the public for the first time.

To make an appointment with us at the moment either call the store number 01245348999 or contact us on our Instagram @zaggerfashiongroup where we will be happy to help with any queries and questions you may have.

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