Why are North Sail Jackets so hot right now?

Why are North Sail Jackets so hot right now?

North Sail is a unique fashion brand that operates in 29 countries across the world, offering a range of sport-fashion clothing. This eco-friendly company only exists because of our litter infested oceans. Their core purpose is to conserve and protect the future of our oceans for future generations to explore. North Sail has taken the responsibility to change how our 'throwaway culture' exploits single-use plastics, by recycling and reusing the litter we are throwing into our damaged ecosystem. Although they do create the majority of their products out of single-use plastics, they have also introduced other sustainable products such as washing bags, reusable water bottles, bamboo cups and more.

Since starting their adventure, they have contributed around 1% of all of their revenue to the Ocean Family Foundation, who fund and support marine programmes and have the same aim as North Sail; to keep our oceans clean for our future.

Since expanding its brand in 2014, North Sail now includes a lifestyle collection that not only gives buyers a chance to join their movement but also provides a sustainable and long life jacket. North Sail jackets are made out of approximately 15 plastic bottles each, which are all found within our oceans. You can find the exact statistic about the jacket you purchase on the inside back of your jacket! Feel good and fashionable knowing that your purchase has contributed to keeping our oceans and ecosystem safe.

Although they are not 100% eco-sustainable yet, the majority of the brand’s clothing is. 70% of their men's clothing is eco-sustainable and 50% of their children's range is as well. North Sail is growing towards being 100% eco-sustainable in the future. 

You shouldn't be discouraged that the North Sail jackets are meant for taking on the sea, they are helpful for modern-day life as well! Battle through the winter with these long-lasting jackets.

North Sail have managed to transform all of the seabound litter found into 100% up-cycled cotton. So there is no need to worry about their products feeling like you are wearing a plastic water bottle! Their extensive line of sports-fashion is just as long-life and comfortable as other high-end products that can also be purchased from Zagger. All of the North Sail jackets found at Zagger are entirely made out of their unique up-cycled cotton. 

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