Where do I trade in designer fashion clothing in Essex?

Where do I trade in designer fashion clothing in Essex?

Zagger is now offering a trade in service where any items that you no longer wear or use can be traded in for either a cash price or store credit that gives you 10% more than taking the cash option. We are also taking items on sale or return where your product/s will be photographed then uploaded to our social media accounts and website - this option will return you the most. 

We will look at any item from Yeezy 350’s, to vintage Stone Island, to d2squared jeans. The worst we can do is say no, so don’t be afraid to send us a message on Instagram or call the store number 01245 348999.
The item doesn’t need to have been purchased from Zagger, but the more provenance (tags, receipts, etc…) the item has, the more we would be able to offer you.

All items will be checked by our experts to ensure authenticity before we sell the product to our market. Zagger Fashion Group prides itself in being able to offer pre-loved items to our customers at a fraction of the original retail. Any item that comes to us, including both shoes and clothes, will be professionally cleaned to ensure hygiene standards are met during these times. 

The main aim of providing this service is to allow us to offer previously loved items, still in good condition, and find them a new owner. Who wants to pay £900’s for a brand new Canada Goose jacket? No one! Who wants to buy a high quality Parka for £500 that has been worn a few times? Everyone! We can sell all luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Supreme and Prada, as well as other designer and streetwear brands for under retail value.

Everyone wants to keep updating their wardrobe to stay up to date with current trends so, if want a new item to wear each weekend when going out with mates or to the pub, Zagger allows you to buy an item at an already discounted price and once you have worn it you can trade it back in and put the store credit towards a new outfit for the following weekend. One week you go to the club in a pair of Yeezy 350 Breds, a Supreme t-shirt, Neuw Jeans and an Essentials Cross body bag, next weekend you are out with a pair of Nike X Off-White Presto’s, Fear of God Essentials Joggers, a Palm Angels tee and a Prada America’s Cup Gilet. You are able to do this all without being out of pocket as you traded in your items from the previous week.

Every item that Zagger sells has residual value so keeping all of the receipts and tags from our exclusive garments means the more provenance you can give back to us. Therefore, we can offer more back for the product and the same applies to items that are being brought in from other stores.

Zagger is open 11am - 4pm every day and allows you to order through click and collect via our website or by calling the store's number 01245 348 999 and booking an appointment. We hope to see you soon!

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