How to keep your shoes clean for longer

How to keep your shoes clean for longer

Doesn’t everyone want to keep their new pair of Off-white Jordan 4’s as clean as possible for as long as possible? I know that I do, having dirt, mud, anything accumulating on them just makes them feel old and tacky. I want to have my pair look like they are new out of the box every single time I wear them.

One method that all of our staff and many of our customers use involves applying ‘crep protect’ onto our shoes. This acts as a seal so that mud, ketchup, water, as well as anything else runs off the shoe and prevents it from damaging the shoe. For example, we are going to use the Yeezy 350 Zebra. If you have just bought a brand new pair of shoes then you won’t need to worry about this first step.

1- Brush off all excess mud that may have built on the upper material of your shoe. You can do this by using a bristly brush and going in a circular motion, making sure the material doesn’t get damaged. This ensures that there is nothing between the seal of ‘crep protect’ and the shoe.

2- When applying the first layer, you must shake the can prior to use to make sure that you can get the best out of the product. Aim the nozzle of the can at the shoe and spray at around 20-30cm away. This allows the product to spread evenly over the shoe without clumping in areas which would prevent the whole shoe from being sufficiently covered.

3- After letting the shoe dry in the fresh air for 10 minutes, you are now ready to apply the final coat and completely seal the shoe up. Repeat the second step again so that the shoe is totally ready to brave the elements.

4- Once you have let the shoe dry for the second time, you can now put this to the test to check that it has been applied correctly. To do this, get a handful of water and pour it over the toe of the shoe. If the seal is successful, you will see the beads of water trickle off.

No this isn't any magic, and yes this does work on any shoe that you could possibly think of, from Yeezy 500’s, to Jordan 1 Dior Highs… this product will keep your shoe wrapped in a seal.

I would advise applying a new full coat every month so that it is topped up which will further prevent any mishaps occurring whilst you are not protected. 

Zagger can also crep protect your shoes in store for £10, so if you are unsure where to buy this product, or how to apply, pop in store and we can assist you.

Zagger is open on a click and collect basis and will be back open again on the 12th of April where there will be sales on outerwear. The Spring Summer stock will also be showcased to the public for the first time.

To make an appointment with us at the moment either call the store number

01245 348 999 or contact us on our Instagram @zaggerfashiongroup where we will be happy to help with any queries and questions you may have.

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