How to keep your favorite clothes fresh for longer?

How to keep your favorite clothes fresh for longer?

As many of us are trying to be more ethical in our wardrobe choices, Zagger is able to offer you a tailoring and alterations service to allow you to extend the life of your clothes. For example, if your Moncler jacket has a small whole on the shoulder, bring it into the store, we will expertly assess the damages and potentially repair it. Additionally, we can also tailor a pair of jeans to a length that suits you, allowing you to get more wear out of this pair of jeans without having to throw them away and buy a new pair. 

A lot of individuals will turn a shoulder to altering their garments as they feel it may deter the items original value, but at the end of the day it allows you to wear your favourite pair of d2 squared jeans for many additional years and in complete comfort as they fit you to perfection. Alongside this, repairing your apparel will either allow you to sell your item on for more than if it was a damaged good, or alternatively, allow you to wear your attire in a restored condition. 

With the ever changing climate, the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, and as a result is having an astronomical impact on the environment. Since the year 2000, the clothing industry production has doubled in size, and consequently 85% of textiles each year ends up in dumps. The fashion business generates 10% of all carbon emissions each year and will continue to increase if nothing changes. By altering your clothes at Zagger, this will allow you to be more sustainable, and not be a contributing factor in this climate crisis. This is purely due to the fact that instead of trashing your items and granting factory’s more ammunition to produce harmful clothes, you are savouring your items and increasing their life by altering them as you yourself alter.

To get a rough quote, with regards to how much it will cost for us to repair, or alter, give us a call on 01245 348 999, or visit us in store between 11am-4pm every day. - We are currently operating on a click and collect basis, but on the 12th of April we will allow access to all customers. 

Alternatively, if you no longer want/require your item, Zagger does have a trade in system where we encourage you to deal with us instead of throwing out your items. If any garments or accessories have residual value, we can either pay cash on the item, or give you 10% extra if the item is exchanged for store credit. We are encouraging everyone to be ethical in their choices as we offer multiple different services to recycle clothes, alter them and repair them to increase their life and help decrease the negative connotation with the fashion industry polluting the environment.

Zagger is open on a click and collect basis and will be back open again on the 12th of April where there will be sales on outerwear. The Spring Summer stock will also be showcased to the public for the first time.

To make an appointment with us at the moment either call the store number
01245 348 999 or contact us on our Instagram @zaggerfashiongroup where we will be happy to help with any queries and questions you may have.

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