How to increase your clothes lifespan

How to increase your clothes lifespan

The average lifespan of clothes in the UK is only 2.2 years, with the majority of them at the end of their life ending up as landfill waste.

Here are a few easy methods that can help you to increase the longevity of your clothes:

1- Washing your clothes less, if they aren’t dirty, there is no need to wash them. For example, the CP Company Jumper that you have worn a few times that still looks recently washed, there is no need to wash it again and risk damaging or breaking down the fibres. All you need to do is put the garment in a steamy room to air it out.

2- Follow the wash with care labels. Different items consist of different materials, and each one will have different washing instructions. For example, some jackets will need to be dry cleaned and some t-shirt brands much like Supreme, have a maximum temperature that their t-shirts can be washed at without causing damage to the fabric.

3- Another method is fairly simple, and that is to just wash the items inside out. For example, some Balenciaga tops have a screen printed logo on the front. When washing this item, the logo can become cracked, however, this can be prevented by simply turning the item inside out prior to washing, which will also help prevent the fibres on the outside of the item from disintegrating.

4- Storage, how your clothes are stored is just as important as how they’re washed! You want to make sure they avoid damp places, as well as direct heat or sunlight. The best place for them is in a cool, dry draw or closet. When laying them down make sure the area isn’t jam packed and overcrowded, this can cause the clothes to discolour by rubbing together when you pull clothes out. When hanging, make sure that the hanger you use fits your item to prevent it from stretching or falling off and becoming crumpled at the bottom of your wardrobe.

5- If you see your item is damaged, for example a small hole on top of your Moncler jacket, it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible. If restored quickly, this will ensure the item is less susceptible to any further related damage. Zagger does offer repairs of your items, so if you do notice anything starting to unfold, don’t hesitate to bring the item into Zagger where we can attempt to stop the issue before it worsens. 

A little extra tip with Neuw jeans is that you should never ever wash them in the machine unless you absolutely have to. It will lead to discolouration of the trousers and they won’t look like the item you initially bought. Instead, fold the jeans up, place inside a bin bag and leave in your freezer. This shrinks the jeans back to their original fit, whilst killing all germs and odors as it reaches sub-zero temperatures.

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